About Lighthouse Studios

Located in the Cornwall Plaza on Meadowbank Road, Cornwall PE, Lighthouse Studios serves Island families and businesses by creating images that make a statement and providing incredible service. 

Whether you are looking for incredible themed composite portraits of your young athletes, branding and headshot photography, or top quality images of your business’ products for advertising or e-commerce, Lighthouse Studios can meet your needs.

Housed in a 945 square foot studio with two digital capture systems, portable studio equipment, elbow grease and grit, Lighthouse Studios can meet just about any demand.  

Photographer Peter Young has been professionally creating exceptional images since 2007 working for himself shooting family portraits and weddings; for a commercial studio photographing everything from museum artifacts to jewelry to corporate headshots; and as staff photographer and digital assets manager for a major foodservice disposable manufacturer and supplier.

“I can’t.” has never been in Peter’s vocabulary. If he doesn’t know how to tackle a task, he will put on his problem solving hat and figure it out. Peter is an, “I can, and I will,” kind of guy. From the age of 8 Peter has taught himself may useful – and not so useful – life skills, from Origami (the fine art of paper folding) and how to juggle to changing the oil in his car and building a solar furnace. When he gets an idea, look out – because he will dive in head first and not come out until he has the result he is after.