Sports Team
Photography Registration

If your team is having photos taken at your rink, sports arena, or field, please pre-register here, select the date of your team’s booking, and fill out the intake form. 

If your team is having individual photos done at the studio in Cornwall, please book your appointment here.

How Does It Work?

Each child must be pre-registered. This initial fee helps to cover overhead and operating costs for Lighthouse Studios. Coaches are not required to pay this fee, however they should book a time slot for studio appointments. 

Every child will choose their pose from a poster for their portrait.

Team shoots are for individual poses. Additional photos will not be taken during these sessions – such as parent/child, siblings, friends, etc. These types of photos can be arranged for a studio portrait session. 

How Long Does It Take?

The actual photography only takes a couple of minutes for each person. At the rink, shoots generally only last the length of the practice. Studio appointments are 15 minutes to allow time for changing if needed.

Within a week of the photo-shoot(s), proofs will be provided via an online gallery where you will be able to select which background you would like for the portrait and place an order. Registration fees will be offered as a credit towards your order.  

Once an order is placed, the editing of that portrait will be done, but the prints will not be ordered until the next lab order goes in, usually at the end of each week. The lab generally takes 2-3 business days to process the prints before shipping via ground. They charge a flat rate shipping fee which is not economical for individual orders. Lighthouse Studios absorbs this shipping fee in lieu of charging individual shipping for each order. 

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